The AME Church is a connected international organization.

The following ministries are found in churches in every state and in foreign countries as well.

Rosa Wells Women’s Missionary Society [WMS]
Sis. Lisa Skinner, President
The WMS is charged with leading the church in the work of missions, at home and abroad.

The Young People’s Department [YPD]
Sis. Willita Trimmings, Director
Working under the direction of the WMS, the YPD is a service organization teaching young people to invest in others, as well as developing leadership skills.

Conelia Head Lay Organization
Bro. Tony Bracy, President
The focus for this group is denominational education; helping members understand the polity and process of the AME Church.

Christian Education Department, [CED]

Church School Sis. Kathleen Cumming, Superintendent